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BJ's Dairy Bar & eatery


Sisters and best friends forever

Jade & Aisha

When BJ’s was looking for new ownership in 2018, we thought we had to take advantage of the opportunity in front of us! There is some great food in Mitchell and we wanted to add to that! Our niche is what we call “party food” – Fried Chicken, Home-Style Pulled Pork, Burgers, Specialty Fries, Ice Cream, etc. We are trying to make a family-focused place where the food is amazing and the atmosphere fun.

We wanted to keep part of the original name and not attempt to write over the 16 years of history, while still making the branding our own. With the help of Jade’s drawing skills, the BJ’s Blue Jay logo was created and BJ’s Dairy Bar & Eatery was born! Our Mascot “BJ” is a special kind of blue jay who only eats ice cream.

We hope you’ll enjoy our place, and that you’ll give us the chance to learn and grow (and sometimes make mistakes) as we figure out this whole “owning a restaurant” thing. Help us make BJ’s awesome, and share the word that

BJ’s is open year round!

 Covid-19 Precautions 

This pandemic has done a number on all of us. Here at BJ's Dairy Bar we are committed to keeping our customers and our employees safe. This means we enforce masking, social distancing, and restrict the number of customers in the shop. 

We're redoubled our cleaning efforts, installed plexi-glass, and have social distancing markers everywhere. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the shop, and the shop is closed for eat-in dining. Our reusable containers program has also been paused. We hope you will join us in ensuring the safe environment of our store. 

ALP- BJs Branding-4.jpg

For Tiger Lilli

A place where kids can be themselves

It's been a couple of years now since Tiger Lilli was diagnosed with ASD - also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. When BJ's came available for sale and we decided to purchase it, it was motivated in part by a desire to provide a landing place for her as she grew up. We wanted to make sure that she would always have a place where she could be herself and be employed safely. 

Tiger Lilli has continued to grow, thanks to countless therapy sessions, appointments and the dedication of our family - which is passionate about ensuring that she and all our little ones have every opportunity to thrive.
She will live with this brain difference for the rest of her life, but we are confident and hopeful that BJ's will be a big part of providing for her future. 

Here at BJ's it is our Mission to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all people. 

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